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Welcome to PDFC

Shanghai Pudong Special Firefighting Equipment Co., Ltd (PDFC) was established in 1993 and in more than 25 years, PDFC has grown to be the quality leader in the fire industry. In July 2000 we got ISO 9001.

The headquarters is located in No.398 Shuanglian Road, QingPu District, Shanghai, China. The factory is located in No. 18 Jinxing Road, KunshanCity, Jiangsu Province, China. The factory covers an area of 16667 square meters, 10000 square meters production for workshop, 3200 square meters for warehouse. At present, we have around 150 employees, including an abundant technical team specialized in fire-fighting research, equipment development, manufacture and distribution.

We are focusing on the wider range of firefighting devices which are used in harbor, airdrome (garage), oil tank farm, warehouse, ship, petrochemical industry, sea platform etc. The products include all kinds of water/foam monitors, diesel/motor driven fire pumps, foam fire-extinguishing system, remote control monitor system, dry chemical powder system, hose reel and deluge valves etc. PDFC specializes in providing unique and special products meeting and exceeding client’s demands.

All products produced by PDFC, strictly comply to NFPA and other International Standards.When we combine our many resources: as new production facilities, manufacturing machinery, and 3D engineering & design, PDFC truly is your the "solution provider".

Our massive testing facilities and electronic recording equipment, document every PDFC product's performance. Factory Mutual third party testing and certification are found on many specific firefighting products. Now we can test the fire monitor with 400L/s flow and horizontal range till150m. Both diesel engine and electrical motor driven fire pumps with power of 1600kW can be tested in the test station.

PDFC's mission is to provide: "Professional Design For Clients"! We look forward in engineering and designing "unique solutions" for your every hazard.

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